At 6 miles long, this stretch of Lanai’s north shore known as Shipwreck Beach holds at least a dozen wrecks deteriorating on its shore. This beach, located in Poipu, got its name from an old wooden ship that sank off the coast but has long since faded into the deep blue.

The swimming at this beach is far from ideal because of strong currents and high surf. One of the beach’s main attractions is its proximity to Makawehi Point, which is a lithified sand dune.  From the east end of Shipwrecks Beach (far left when facing the ocean), there is a trail that leads up on top of the hill.  The trail continues for several miles, following oceanfront cliff tops, skirting the golf course and stables, and finally delivering you at the near end of Maha Ulepu Beach. These cliffs can be a popular area for locals to do a little fishing.


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