Excellent surf spot to learn how to surf or longboard. Located right in front of Duke Kahanamoku statue and behind Moana Surfrider hotel. Crowded most of the time, but lots of long rides for longboard surfing.

If you are visiting the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii and wish to indulge in the exciting sport of surfing, then Canoe’s is the spot for you. Canoe’s is a great surf spot for beginners and is usually hopping all year round. It is an extremely safe place to learn because of the sandy bottom and few coral heads.

Canoe’s is located in Waikiki on Kalakaua Ave. It is directly in front of the big pink building that is the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. If you do not have access to a board, don’t fret because there are plenty of board rental facilities along the gorgeous white sand beaches. If you feel you are in need of some surf lessons, help is definitely available. Canoes is perfect for learning the basics of the wonderful sport, actually, this is where I caught my first glorious wave.


Canoe’s is relatively easy to locate. If you are traveling south, coming from the North Shore or the airport on the H-2, get off at the King Street exit. You will notice a Honolulu Zoo sign directly before the exit. The road will curve to the left, stay in the right hand lane and proceed through the intersection.

You will want to take the first right after the traffic light. You will also see a Waikiki Beach sign at the turn. Continue down this road until you notice the Zoo parking lot on the left, street before the beach. Usually there is plenty of parking available here. Make sure you bring enough change for the meters. One dollar will buy you four hours of time. Remember to lock up and never leave valuables in the car. As you are facing the beach start walking to the right. After about 5 or 6 blocks you will see a McDonald’s in the shops to the right. Across the street on the beach side between the two lifeguard stands is your destination. If you happened to forget the essentials such as a towel, bathing suit, wax, sunscreen, and money for food and water, the shops along Kalakaua Ave. will come in quite handy.

Many famous surfers have enjoyed Canoe’s surf spot for decades. Did you know that in ancient Hawaiian days only royalty was permitted to partake in the sport of surfing, now anyone can attempt the feat. Canoe’s is located right out in front of the famous Royal Hawaiian Hotel, which has been standing since the early 1920s. About 2 or 3 before the hotel stands a beautiful statue of the legendary Duke Kahanamoku. It is custom for people to drape sweet smelling leis over the magnificent monument in his honor.

I would have to say the best part about surfing Canoe’s is the spectacular scenery. Sitting out in the warm crystal blue waters looking at the lush rolling colorful mountains against the back drop of the busy city is absolutely magical. When you look to the right you see Diamond Head Peak, another awesome site. All these wonderful conditions make for a memorable surf session. Also, there are plenty of friendly smiling faces to help encourage and help you on your adventure. Canoe’s has one of the most famous long boarding waves in the world, it is perfect for having a blast.

If you are ready for the time of your life then it is time to head on over to Canoes. The waves are graceful and small and the faces shine with Aloha. Even if you are not into surfing, the warm water and white sand beaches are inviting. There are so many different activities to participate in, you will just have to go check it out. The view alone is heavenly. So if you do wish to go explore this place, bring your Aloha and plenty of sun block, you don’t want to be mistaken for a lobster!

Source – hawaii.edu

How to get there

Park on any side street in Waikiki or at Honolulu Zoo. Closer to Moana Surfrider hotel or Outrigger Waikiki (Dukes restaurant) hotel the better. Paddle out from Duke Kahanamoku statue.

Park on any side street in Waikiki or at Honolulu Zoo. Closer to Moana Surfrider hotel or Outrigger Waikiki (Dukes restaurant) hotel the better. Paddle out from Duke Kahanamoku statue.

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