The island of Sri Lanka is well equipped for tourism purposes and has about two dozen places for surfers of different levels on both coasts.

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All about surfing in Sri Lanka
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The presence of a large number of schools and surf camps attracts not only experienced “wave catchers” but also beginners. The unique climate makes it possible to surf all year round in Sri Lanka.

You do not need a visa to enter the country for tourism, but an electronic permit is required. If you have not obtained a visa before departure, you will be issued a permit upon entry into the country.

The cost of applying for a visa online is about $35 per person, and when entering the country about $40, for children under 12 years old free of charge. Online registration will significantly speed up the procedure for passing through passport control upon arrival.

6 reasons to visit

Ride level
Ride level

Many spots are suitable for beginners and more experienced surfers

Surf Schools
Surf Schools

More than 20 schools in a wide variety of languages

All year round
All year round

The unique climate makes it possible to surf all year round


Quite developed infrastructure for surfing


Accommodations from $15 per night, and surfing from $35 per lesson


You do not need a special visa to enter the country


In Sri Lanka, the temperature is invariably 28-30 degrees Celsius almost all year round. Therefore, the locals distinguish the seasons not by the air temperature, but by the amount of rain:

  • The rainy season is the least favorable for tourists.
  • The dry season is the most favorable for tourists. During this time, the temperature drops slightly.

In different parts of the island the rainy season comes at different times:

  • Northeast from the beginning of October, including the winter months of December and January;
  • Southwest, from the beginning of May through July.


Surfing season in Sri Lanka on the southwest coast from November to March. The best spots are Hikkaduwa, Weligama, Midigama. In the northwest, all months from May to September are considered touristy.



Goviyapana (Yakinige Duuwa)


Ahangama Beach


According to reviews, Hikkaduwa is considered the most popular spot among surfers. In this area, you can find 10-12 surf spots, including Weligama and Midigama, as well as a gathering place for many surfers – Kabalana. Hikkaduwa is famous for its clear water and favorable waves for surfing. In addition, there is an excellent tourist infrastructure.

In summer, surfing in Sri Lanka is transferred to the beach of Arugam Bay, besides it in the bay of the same name is equipped with about half a dozen places for surfing, among which the most famous are Pottuvil and Okanda. The bay and beach are located on the east coast of the country.

Schools and camps

If you are a beginner and come to surf in Sri Lanka, it is better to take a couple of lessons from a professional instructor, this will help to protect yourself from many injuries and quickly conquer small waves.

Finding out how much surfing costs is not a problem. One lesson lasts an average of 1.5-2.5 hours, the price depends on the experience of the surfer and the instructor, approximately $40 per lesson. On the island, there are a large number of different schools and surf camps.

Photo credits goes to original owner
Photo credits goes to original owner


The following airlines fly to Sri Lanka – SriLankan Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Qatar, Air Arabia. 90% of flights are made to Colombo airport. Colombo Airport has a single passenger terminal, where domestic and international flights are served.

  • Colombo Airport
  • Address: Canada Friendship Rd, Katunayake 11450, SRI LANKA
  • Phone: +94 11 226 4444
  • Email:

For those flying solo from Europe, tickets will cost an average of 350-700 euros one way. The price may be less if the flight is provided by a travel company, the tickets with connections will cost less as well. Most flights to Sri Lanka are connecting flights.

From New York, a one-way ticket averages between $600 and $900. As a rule, all flights from the U.S. have one connection in Abu Dhabi, London and Doha. Two connections are usually via Switzerland, Dubai, France, India, etc.


One in 5 people who come to Sri Lanka for surfing gets to the island through travel agencies, which provide their clients with everything they need. But if you fly alone, the question of accommodation falls on your shoulders. It all depends on which coast you hit:

  • The west coast is more equipped for tourists and finding comfortable accommodation is not a problem, the most popular among surfers is Kabalana Hotel.
  • In the east, there are small guesthouses for tourists, often even without air conditioning, but it’s cheaper, such as Tandem Guesthouse – $30 per night.


For all its beauty and spectacle, surfing is a sport with a high risk of physical injury. It is better to take out insurance before the flight, which, if necessary, will cover the cost of treating bruises, fractures, and other physical injuries.

Other Information

If you choose the west coast as your vacation spot, you will get a developed tourist area. This is the place for those who in Sri Lanka need not only surfing, but also visit the attractions – the coral reserve near Hikkaduwa.

The area is overflowing with various restaurants, cafeterias supermarkets, and ATMs. Due to climatic and infrastructural diversity surfing in Sri Lanka can be afforded by people with different income levels.

Photo credits goes to original owner
Photo credits goes to original owner

Sri Lanka will meet surfers with equipped beaches, crystal clear water and friendly people. Holidays on this island are worth the money and will get a lot of bright impressions.

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Published: April 19, 2023 at 09:23