Skimboarding on a sandy beach is one of the favorite pastimes of adults and children, gaining more and more popularity lately.

Skimboarding in California / Blair Conklin

This sport is similar to skateboarding, but riding with a flat board without wheels on the wet sand and coastal waves. Details about skimboarding we told in a previous post.

I wanted to share with you a table of board sizes for skimboarding.

Skimboarder Weight, kgSkimboarder Weight, lbsModel SizeSkimboard Dimensions
> 36> 80XXS45.00″ x 19.00″
36-4580-100XS48.00” x 19.25”
45-64100-140S51.00” x 19.75”
54-73120-160M52.00” x 20.00”
64-82140-180ML52.25” x 20.25”
73-91160-200L52.50” x 20.50”
82-100180-220XL53.00” x 20.75”
91-109200-240XXL54.00” x 21.50”

Experienced riders can choose a smaller board than in the table.

For more speed, beginners are recommended to choose a slightly larger board.